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Assistant Puppet Maker

Adapted by Patrick Barlow

Director - Martin Huston

Set & Costume Designer - Anna Averof

Sound Designer - Gareth Swindail-Parry

Puppet Maker - Yu Song, Jessica (Wenjing) Ji

Production Photographed by Kirsten McTernan


These puppets were designed by Anna Averof and the goal is to make them as a puppet replica of the real costume of the characters.  

Shoes of Hannay
Shoes of Hannay The Puppet

Paper Rough Shape of the puppet feet

Rough Model the shoe shape

Pattern cutting

Toile version of Hanney the puppet's shoes

Wearing and size test

Use pattern and leather to make the puppet shoe

Hand sewing the leather

Use Mountboard to make the base of shoe sole

Paint the shoe platform

Add shoe laces

Wearing on the puppet, testing flexibilty

Final output


Final shoes with socks

Boots of Policeman
Boots of Policeman The Puppet

Shape and Pattern Cutting

Pattern Cutting

Hand Sewing the leather

Attaching the shoe sole

Adding Shoe Laces

Paint the Shoe Platform

Testing Flexibility on Puppet

Final Output

Final Policeman's Boots

Policeman with boots

Slippers of Toddler The Puppet

Use Mountboard as the slipper base, attach fabrics

Stick the surface on

Final Output

Checking space

Sew the slippers onto puppet

Final Slippers with puppet

Other Puppet Costume Making

Making Policeman's Costume

Making Policeman's Costume

Painting Fabric Testing

Painting Hanney's Suit Fabric To Make It Matching With The Real Costume

Painting Hanney's Suit Fabric To Make It Matching With The Real Costume

Fabric Painting

Making Toile Version For Policeman's Puppet Costume

Humanette Puppet Pattern

Pattern Cutting

Hannay's Little Tie

Puppet Tie

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